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  1. Hot Wall Border

  2. Nelson Memorial Pavilion

  3. Tunnel entrance

  4. Bank border

  5. Britannia

  6. 1802 Border

  7. The Bothy

  8. Lloyd's Bank

  9. Disabled Toilet

The Nelson Garden, Monmouth

The Nelson Garden

In the early 1400s, the bank border area was the location of archery butts, where the longbow men of Gwent may have honed the skills that helped Henry V win the Battle of Agincourt.

Nelson Memorial Pavilion - Erected around 1840, and housing Lord Nelson’s Seat, which bears a plaque commemorating the visit.​

Britannia - On the site of the former summerhouse.

Lloyd's Bank - Former residence of Colonel Lindsay who, in 1802, entertained  Lord Nelson and the Hamiltons.

The planting throughout the garden is designed around species that would have been popular in ornamental gardens of the late 18th/early 19th centuries.  

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